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laser measure customization:Why laser is used to measure distance?

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laser measure customization:Why laser is used to measure distance?

Why use (Liang Fang Shen Qi) laser to measure distance?

Why laser is used to measure distance?

1. Laser distance measurement can automatically generate CAD drawings and PDF drawings to improve work efficiency.

Why laser is used to measure distance?

2. Easy to use and accurate, easy to use and test;


3. The principle of laser ranging is the linear propagation of light;

used to laser measure distance

4. The laser emitted by the laser is emitted in one direction, and the divergence of the beam is very small. That is, it can emit light directionally;

a laser measure distance

5. The laser energy density is very high, the brightness is very high, and the propagation distance is very long;

a laser measure distance

6. The wavelength distribution of laser is very narrow, so the color is very pure. Its monochromaticity is far more than any monochromatic light source.

It can be seen that laser ranging is a very suitable choice.

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